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    Feedback sur projet délocalisation projet Inde


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    Re: Feedback sur projet délocalisation projet Inde

    Message par MOperto le Ven 21 Sep - 15:33

    Taking Requirements Offshore article on Gantthead

    Interesting recommendations/best practices from someone who has evidently had to learn these lessons the hard way in offshore application development projects:

    1. Onshore knowledge transfer.
    2. Clear step-by-step requirements.
    3. Iterative reviews.
    4. Offshore knowledge transplantation.
    5. Avoid offshoring highly complex or ambiguous projects.

    Do these seem adequate based on YOUR experience? Which others would you add to the list?


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    Feedback sur projet délocalisation projet Inde

    Message par YBouyssou le Lun 28 Mai - 19:11

    Any ideas, any hints?!

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