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    Top10 reasons why projects fall behind



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    Top10 reasons why projects fall behind

    Message par YBouyssou le Mer 27 Aoû - 17:37

    * It would be impossible to move programs forward without a pretty robust and mature project management infrastructure.

    * Top10 reasons why projects fall behind :

    1. We’re going to need to change something—no big deal, right? Projects are often too widely or vaguely scoped, and sponsors lack a clear understanding of what they want.

    2. Come on, we can squeeze it in. Project leaders don’t set up a practical schedule, underestimating how long work will take and adjusting schedules to accommodate setbacks rather than tackling issues as they arise.

    3. Who needs risk management? Potential risks aren’t identified or fully managed from the start.

    4. But we had a plan … Project leaders don’t have enough project control to handle changes and shift or augment resources when needed.

    5. We couldn’t do it without you—no really. Team members must feel their work is valued and the project manager is involving them. If that’s not the case, don’t be surprised when they declare a mutiny.

    6. Hey, where’d my team go? Team leaders didn’t secure clearly assigned resources and full executive level buyin, so team members are pulled off the project.

    7. The executive crowd moves on. Senior-level support often has an odd way of disappearing after the initial phase.

    8. Can we speed it up? In hierarchical organizations, the long wait for approvals can delay projects.

    9. Mine, mine, mine! Project managers get bogged down in project details and fail to delegate.

    10. Didn’t I tell you that? All stakeholders must be kept in the loop.

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