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    vitual team



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    vitual team

    Message par YBouyssou le Mer 27 Aoû - 17:46

    • Virtual teams are a fact of modern project life, but it takes some extra effort for them to work.
    • The ubiquity of e-mail, sophisticated
    • collaborative software products and lifelike
    • video teleconferencing is enabling
    • teams to operate with great effectiveness
    • across boundaries of time and space.
    • 13 observations on the need for, and the nature of, distance project management.
    1. Demographic changes are making distance project management a practical necessity. (Specialized talent tends to cluster in particular places, and organizations that want access to that talent have to be willing to use virtual teams)
    2. Economic factors are another driving force.
    3. Sometimes the nature of the projects (IT project for example because people deal well with computer resources) drives the choice, with IT efforts leading the way.
    4. And those IT projects are usually global in nature.
    5. There are some drawbacks (no benefits of being simply together) to virtual teams.
    6. The feasibility of distance project management varies. Administrative tasks can be done remotely, while those involving leadership demand physical presence.
    7. Troubled projects are not candidates for distance project management.
    8. Virtual works better on projects for internal customers, who typically have a greater understanding of established processes.
    9. Always a concern [souci], communication challenges (PM communication skills) are even more [bien plus] formidable with distance project management.
    11. Age matters (long-distance interaction feels normal to young people)
    12. Processes must be put in place to ensure whole offices aren’t left in the dark on important matters.
    13. Distance project management is a reality.

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