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    Prior engagement in their work
    21% of employees worldwide consider themselves to be engaged in their work.
    75% said their organizations or senior management don’t do enough to help them fully engage and contribute to their companies’ success.
    Source: 2007 Global Workforce Study, Towers Perrin, Stamford, Connecticut, USA. Results based on a survey taken of almost 90,000 workers in 18 countries in May and June of 2007.
    How important is emotional intelligence to your overall success as a project manager?
    Critically important: 52%
    Very important: 38%
    Moderately important: 9%
    Not important at all: 1%
    Source: Results based on an survey with 122 respondents as of 4 February 2008.

    Project managers profile :
    * 5:1 Ratio of total staff to number of project managers
    * 46 Number of hours project managers worked per week
    * 55 Percentage of project managers who said they participate in their firm’s strategic planning
    * REPORTING IN : To whom do project managers report?
    President/CEO 52%
    Other principal 30%
    Division manager 16%
    Department manager 12%
    Executive committee 2%
    Other 2%
    * WE COULD USE A LITTLE HELP HERE : Project managers said their biggest challenges were:
    Staff and resources 32%
    Managing and motivating staff 25%
    Time management and workload 21%
    Schedule/ budget management 20%
    Client maintenance 15%
    2007 Project Management Survey of Architecture, Engineering, Planning and
    Environmental Consulting Firms (125 project managers surveyed)
    Motivation by spending time on various projects
    20 % of time Google engineers spend on projects of their choosing. Google News, Google Suggest, AdSense for Content and Orkut are among the many products the company says grew from offering this perk [avantage].
    Join the club of project managers
    58% of project practitioners in the United Kingdom who are members of a recognized professional body, including PMI and the Association for Project Management
    Source: The Project Management Survey for 2007, Arras People, Heywood, Lancashire, England. Respondents included 1,225 permanent and contract program and project professionals in the United Kingdom during January 2007.
    Team motivation : How do you motivate a stressed-out project team?
    meals out and parties 47%
    vacations and time off 30%
    bonuses and financial rewards 10%
    other 5%
    promotions 4%
    more work 4%
    Source: Results based on 73 votes in an online survey by as of 2 January 2008.

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