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    Change management [conduite du changement]



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    Change management [conduite du changement]

    Message par YBouyssou le Mer 27 Aoû - 17:53

    Change is exciting when you feel prepared for it and terrifying when you feel like you have no control.
    It’s the same old team doing the same old thing in the same old way. And it’s just not working. You’ve broken out the whiteboard [tableau blanc] for some marathon brainstorming. You’ve given the umpteenth [ènième] lecture on “thinking outside the box.” But you’re still coming up empty [rien n'a emmergé]. Be open to ideas from anywhere OR Bring in a box of doughnuts or just take the whole gang out for drinks OR Creativity is welcome but you need to control and approve the final solution” OR “Reward creativity” OR "blogs are typically better than wikis for posting drafts of documents for final review, or soliciting ideas for a new project solution."

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